Getting Around


The city

In 2018, a national study named Viña del Mar Chile’s most livable city. No surprise! The city’s beaches, hotels, casinos, restaurants and shopping centers are among Chile’s most prominent.

Located in Region of Valparaíso, Viña del Mar is close to the exclusive resort towns of Reñaca and Concón as well as Chile’s main port, Valparaíso. The city charms to the visitors who fill its streets year-round, particularly in the summer.


  • Welcomed more than 24,000,000 people in 2019
  • The number of passengers has increased by 10% annually for the last ten years (since 2009).
  • 7 on the ranking of airports with the most passengers transported in South America
  • By 2020, it expects to reach a capacity of up to 30,000,000 passengers
Getting from the airport to Viña del Mar it’s very easy, and you have at least three options:
  • Get to the bus station, located in Pajaritos subway station, where you can go in a transfer or even in a bus that you can take in the airport. The fees are approximately: transfer 11 USD, and the bus, 5 USD.
  • Taxi: Located at the same airport, and the fee is 125 USD. We recommend you coordinate the taxi in advance, on websites such as
  • There will also be buses that will take you from the airport to Viña del Mar at 10.30, 14.30 and 22.30 (Santiago time). The fee of the service is 8 USD. For more information, visit:

*These are private services that don’t have any relation with ICSEI’s organization.