ICSEI Special Sessions

ICSEI Special Sessions

Spotlight Sessions

Invited Symposium Spotlight Session

The Past, Present and Future of Educational Effectiveness and Improvement Research and Practice

The International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement, ICSEI, has a long and complex history, spanning many countries, and involving many individuals and organizations in national and international settings. In the last 35 years, conferences have been held in 23 countries, with the last two conferences being virtually due to COVID. This session has been designed to provide members of the Congress, especially those that have only recently joined the fraternity, with an overview of the creation 35 years ago of what became ICSEI and will include brief presentations from people actively involved in the establishment and early development of the Congress as well as the chance to discuss opportunities and challenges for the future.

  • Discussant: Chris Chapman (UK)
  • Papers: Tony Townsend (Australia): The research that led to ICSEI 
  • Dale Mann (USA): The genesis and impact of ICSEI in the early days 
  • David Reynolds (UK): Findings from research by ICSEI scholars
  • Karen Seashore (USA): The role of leadership in effectiveness studies
  • Kim Schildkamp (the Netherlands): Looking to the future

Research Policy Practice Debate Spotlight Session

Reimagining standardized assessment to lever school improvement
  • Discussants:
  • Dennis Shirley, Boston College
  • María Teresa Flórez Petour, Universidad de Chile
  • Melanie Ehren, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Daniel Rodríguez, Acción Educar, Chile
  • Carla Barrios, Agencia de la Calidad de la Educación, Chile

Our discussants will address the following question: What should educational systems start, stop and continue doing so standardized assessments contribute to school improvement? After each presenter addresses this question, we will engage the audience in Q&A

Generational Renewal, Inclusion, and Diversity (GRID) Spotlight Session

Inclusion and Diversity in Challenging Circumstances

The challenges and opportunities for inclusion increased tremendously during the Covid-19 pandemic. This plenary session is designed to structure a safe learning environment between invited international scholars and participants to discuss and interrogate the current understanding of educational inclusiveness and meaningful practices to connect communities, families, students, and educators. Expect to be involved in a dialogical and engaging conversation to learn from and with facilitators, scholars, and attendees. In a world in tension for a global climate crisis, post-pandemic educational and emotional consequences, political and social injustices that oppress the minoritized, and economic recession, we question what inclusive education is in these contentious times, its role in addressing multiple complex circumstances, and related consequential conundrums in various locations around the world. 

GRID Host/Discussant: Mauricio Pino-Yancovic Institute of Education and Center for Advanced Research in Education, Chile


  • Mel Ainscow Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Manchester, UK; Professor of Education, University of Glasgow, UK 
  • Karen Ramlackhan, University of South Florida, US
  • Jacob Easley II, Touro University, US