Pre-Conference Master Classes

Master Classes – January 9, 2023

Take your knowledge to the next level!

The ICSEI 2023 master classes provide intensive, hands-on opportunities to discuss and debate ideas, evidence, practices and strategies.

The sessions allow ICSEI 2023 participants not only to learn from leading international experts, but also to bring in their viewpoints, share their experiences and raise questions regarding their own work. 

To provide congress delegates with flexible registration options, the masterclasses run on the Pre-Conference Day: Monday, January 9.

  • Morning Sessions will run from 09:30-12:00
  • Afternoon Sessions will run from 15:00-17:30

The classes will be conducted on the campus of INACAP, a local technical-vocational higher education institution that is less than a mile from the main conference venue.

Participants must be registered for the full congress or a daily pass in order to register for a Masterclass. The registration fee is $50 AUD for each Masterclass. 

The following Masterclasses are confirmed for Monday, Jan. 9, 2023

Morning Sessions (09:30 – 12:00)

Building and Rebuilding Strong School Cultures: The Role of Positive School Leadership

Karen Seashore Louis

This “Master Class” will ask participants to engage with the question of how Positive School Leadership (POS) (Murphy & Louis, 2018) can contribute to building school organizational cultures that support learning of all members….more information 

Workshop: Simulations for Professional Learning

Paulo Volante and Michael Johanek

Researchers, practitioners and innovators in the professional development of school leaders share a common challenge regarding effective training: How can global evidence be transferred to prepare school leaders for their local challenges? The workshop proposes an approach to “deliberate practice” (Grossman et al, 2009) with a focus on the development of decision-making expertise of school leaders, through the collective creation of simulations that involve scenarios, possibilities and consequences of the school leaders’ practice….more information

Social Network Analysis in Off and Online Settings

Alan J. Daly, Martin Rehm, Mimi Lockton, and Anita Caduff

This masterclass examines the ways of harnessing the power of social network theory and social network analysis to understand how resources and influence pass between individuals….more information


Afternoon Sessions (15:00 – 17:30)

Educational Equity: Pathways to Success

Professor Christopher Chapman

This masterclass draws on the lessons from a 10-year programme of work focusing building capacity for improvement through collaboration and participatory research and development (Chapman and Ainscow, 2022). Using a framework of within, between and beyond-school improvement the session will explore the conditions, facilitators and barriers for improving student outcomes, classrooms, schools and systems whilst promoting educational equity….more information

The use of data in Professional Learning Networks: Let’s not forget our students

Cindy Poortman and Kim Schildkamp

How can we increase student learning in our school? How can we enhance the wellbeing of our students? How can we improve the digital literacy of our students? Important questions that data can help answer. An effective way to use data to improve education is via Professional Learning Networks (PLNs), such as data teams….more information

Three Forces to Lift Well-being in Schools

Dennis Shirley

In this challenging yet inspiring ICSEI Master Class, Dennis Shirley will present his new research with Andy Hargreaves to identify three powerful forces that can bring well-being to all of our schools….more information