Virtual School Visits

Why Include Virtual School Visits at the 2023 ICSEI Congress?

Over many years of face-to-face conferences, participants have had the unique opportunity to visit local schools to gain first-hand experience with the host country’s education system. The purpose of this experience is to share ideas and insights from one system to another and act as a catalyst for discussion and debate between colleagues from different countries during and after the visits. Thus, school visits act as a stimulus for international collaboration.

During the pandemic, ICSEI held virtual congresses. Virtual school visits were introduced during ICSEI’s second virtual congress in 2022. In a virtual environment, the purposes of the school visits is the same but with the added advantage of visits not being restricted to one host country. Virtual visits took place across the global ICSEI community, thereby increasing the richness and diversity of insight, discussion and collaboration beyond what is possible at a face-to-face congress.

Because schools in Chile are on holiday in January, we are bringing back the very popular virtual school visits at ICSEI 2023. This is an opportunity for schools in Chile to tell their stories, share and celebrate their work with colleagues from around the world, and be recognized for the amazing work they are doing in challenging times.

We are delighted to announce that there will be two virtual school visit sessions during the congress. Congress attendees will learn first-hand from an interactive panel of teachers and school leaders about their initiatives and innovations. Some of the themes addressed at these sessions will include: enhancing learning through art and creativity, school community relationships, emotional regulation, implementation stratagies and distributed leadership in practice.